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Teaching Fall 2020

If you are interested in using the Media Studio or the Simple Video Studio for pre-recording lectures, please read the following page:

Creating Pre-Recorded Video and Audio for Online Courses

Our space plans for Fall 2020 are available here:

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Welcome to the Arts & Sciences Studios, managed by Learning Design & Technology. The A&S Studios comprise five studio spaces that serve the College of Arts & Sciences, as well as collaborators from other schools. We are primarily focused on student learning as opposed to professional services or research, and our studios reflect this focus. We welcome you to explore our spaces and resources, and to ask us any questions you might have!
  • The Audio Studio is a small audio recording studio, best suited for podcasts, narration, and other spoken word audio.

  • The IMS (Interactive Media Studio) is a virtual space that includes a Roomscale Virtual Reality system and workstations with Unity 3D.

  • The Maker Studio is a zero-barrier-to-entry makerspace, with 3D printers, soldering stations, CNC machines, hand tools, power tools, a laser cutter, and more.

  • A professional media production studio with video cameras, lights, and microphones.

  • A media editing lab and media equipment checkout.