Arts & Sciences Studios

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  • Equipment checkout is limited to three days. If you need more time, please contact Jessica at
  • Restricted equipment requires authorization and / or participation in a relevant class (e.g. Media Studies, Music, etc.)
  • You are responsible for checking battery charge and storage presence / capacity prior to using equipment
  • Failure to return equipment on time results in a warning. On the third warning you will be barred from reserving equipment for the remainder of the academic year without exception. 


  • The Audio Studio, Media Studio, and Simple Video Studio are available for reservation
  • To reserve the Maker Studio or the Interactive Media Studio, please contact
  • If you need to do a recurring reservation, please contact
  • Rooms are available "as is" - these are public resources and as such are as the last person left them. We do our best to keep them functional and tidy, but with the small exception of the Media Studio staffed hours, none of these rooms are permanently staffed.