Arts & Sciences Studios

Spaces for Innovation Through Critical and Creative Inquiry

Location and Hours

Wilson Hall

Room 141

Access by appointment or via card swipe after orientation


Description and Resources

3D Printers

Laser Cutter

CNC Router

Soldering Stations

Hand / Power Tools

Virtual Tour*

*Virtual Tour Instructions and Troubleshooting

  • If it doesn't load immediately, wait a minute or so.
  • Click and drag to move around.
  • Click on information dots for specifics.
  • (optional) To visit a full screen version in a new tab, click on the polygon icon in upper left (or click this link
  • (optional) To view in Google Cardboard:
    • Visit this page in Google Chrome on your phone.
    • Tap the polygon icon in the upper left hand corner of the tour window (or tap this link
    • When you get to the tour page, tap the Google Cardboard Glasses icon and then put device into your Google Carboard.